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Ozark Rods

Ozark Rods-Pro Series Dock Shooter-6Ft,6.5Ft,7Ft Options!

Ozark Rods-Pro Series Dock Shooter-6Ft,6.5Ft,7Ft Options!

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If you’re not dock shooting, You’re leaving fish behind

Dock Shooting has Never been easier. With Just a Little Practice , you can put the bait in the structure and the shade of the dock or platform. Proven by the Pro’s, fish seek shelter from the sun and predators. Why not serve them up a meal in their comfort zone?

The Ozark Dock Shooting Series is designed to give laser sharp control and accuracy in placing the bait on target. If your a seasoned professional or just starting out, you need this rod.

Rod Features:

Premium Lightweight IM- 7 Graphite Construction

Reinforced Fixed Reel Seat

Reinforced Stainless Steel Tip for Crappie Fishing

Ultra-Sensitive tips detect the lightest bites

Oversized Stainless Steel Guides provide Smooth line Movement

Ultra-Comfortable Cork Handle

1 Piece

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